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Rafael Pérez Estrada was born on February 16, 1934, in Málaga. He was the son of Manuel Pérez Bryan, a doctor and the mayor of the city (1943 and 1947), and of the well known “naif” painter Mari Pepe Estrada.

During the Civil War his house on Larios Street caught fire and the family moved to Carreterías Street, where he spent the first years of his life.

In his years as a student, he left to study law at the University of Granada, (1954), which would allow him to practice law with great prestige in the city where he was born.

In 1959 he left for Madrid where he started to draw, collaborating with magazines and radio broadcasters. Established in the capital, he would combine his professional work with painting and poetry.

In 1960 he returned to Málaga for good. He arrived late to literature, so in 1968 is when his first work “Valle de los galanes” was published, it would be followed by numerous titles of avant garde theater, poetry, and narrative works. Until 1997, when he left his practice, he combined his work as a lawyer with writing and drawing. Throughout his life he was an invaluable local reference, having very actively participated in key events in Malaga’s social and cultural life. Among others, he participated in the creation of the Cultural Center of the Generation of 27 and in the Social Advisory Board of the University of Málaga, the place where he never wanted to leave. “It is the city of joy and bliss” or “I am seduced by Málaga,” the writer would later say in the acceptance speech he gave for being named the Favorite Son of Malaga.

He eventually succumbed to illness at the age of 66, and on May 21, 2000, having been accepted in Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid, and days before his passing as Adoptive Son of his birth city, just when his name started to properly shine amongst both critics and readers. He was named “Favorite Son of the Province of Malaga” on April 9, 2002, on the behalf of the Provincial Council of Malaga, and he would later be nominated for the Prince of the Asturias Literature Award by the Center of the Generation of 27.